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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  September 14, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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europe. lawrence? >> richard engel, thanks. chris hayes is up next. republicans cheer trump and carson makes chumps of the rest. let's play "hardball." good evening, i'm chris matthews in washington. we are waiting to hear donald trump address a massive crowd in dallas. the big news tonight is trump and dr. ben carson are killing the republican establishment. it's a wipeout with the two outsiders, neither with any past elective role in government winning a majority support. it's all in a brand-new "washington post"/abc news poll
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that has trump in the lead nationally at 33%. dr. carson second at 20%. all the previous big shots, jeb, cruz, rubio, paul, kasich and huckabee in skimpy, single digits. there is a new monmouth university poll where trump is also on top followed by ben carson, john kasich followed by ted cruz, jeb bush tied with carly fiorina in fifth place with 7%. that's a bush getting 7% in new hampshire. on the democrat side, the new poll has troubling news for hillary clinton, former u.s. secretary of state continues to lead against her rivals including vice president joe biden who has not announced whether he will run. she gets 32st of democratic voters. bernie sanders gets about 24%. if you look at the trends over the last two months, clinton is down 21 points. sanders and biden each gained
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support at her expense. earlier today hillary clinton was in iowa giving a strong speech at women for hillary. it was a rally. here she slams donald trump. >> you've heard mr. trump insult and demean women, haven't you? he occasionally throws some heat my way. he recently said i don't have a clue about women's health issues. he would do a much better job for women than i would. and as i've said, that is a general election debate i am really looking forward to. in fact, he says he cherishes women. well, that's nice. but if it's all the same to you, mr. trump, i'd rather you stop cherishing us and respecting us instead. [ applause ] >> trump, the way-out front-runner, is about to
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address 20,000 people in dallas. katy tur is there. what is the number for that crowd tonight? >> reporter: the capacity in this place is about 20,000. it's maybe a little more than half full. so 13,000 as of now. people are still coming in. it's a good turnout for any event, period. people were lining up all day to get into here. there is also a protest outside. it was not strongly attended. they expected around 1,500 people and there are only a few hundred outside. what we've been noticing, there are very few protesters outside his events. early on in phoenix and michigan, there have been a lot of protesters. as time has gone on, less and less protesters. we talked to the people in this room. you talked about the establishment. they say much of what they keep on saying. they are sick of the establishment. that people, politicians, even the ones they voted for have been lying to them. they need someone to shake things up. i asked do you care about the fact he insults carly fiorina or says things that aren't well put? they don't care. they would rather have somebody
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who says what they believe that is not politically correct. it's what they are all thinking anyway. a lot of support here. a lot of true believers for the trump campaign who would be voting for him today if they could. >> what is the male/female count? can you spot it? >> reporter: it's pretty even. it's surprising the number of women you're seeing here. the number of women you're seeing who are just do not care about the comments about carly fiorina's face or megyn kelly. they are not bothered by it. they think it's fair game. they think he is speaking the truth. they don't care it might offend a good number of people. >> it does, and i guess some people are not offended. thank you. we'll go live to donald trump in dallas. as soon as he take the stage. i'm joined by heavyweights. columnist, president of emily's list, backing hillary clinton for president.
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and director howard of florida in. stephanie, i know -- we keep hearing about the white woman, the nurse, i'm sorry, waitress who says i like this guy trump, he's a tough guy. is this a retro thing? the guys the way they behaved 30 years ago or what makes a woman who is sensitive about putting up with that. i'll put up with that. >> i don't know i can speak for every woman in the country. i cannot do that. >> what about that woman who will put up with trump's bs? his stuff? >> i think it is a small percentage of women in this country. it is the same group we see that continue to vote for republicans. but we continue to see in national elections that you have a vast majority of women voting for democrats because democrats continue to support opportunities for women and
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families. there is always going to be a percentage of women who are, and they tend to be, as you're probably seeing, they are going to be white, married women. where we saw romney did well with white married women. the gender gap was huge for barack obama. >> the people that went to the mountains, they went right to the rural areas and they've got an attitude. >> that was what was going to get support -- >> pat buchanan. he's a scot/irish. there is part of the white community, they don't get to go to good colleges or college. they feel that the democrats have been focused on the elite and minorities. >> i think what we are seeing with trump transcends gender in it's men and women completely fed up with traditional politics and politicians. more than half the republican party now is rejecting any
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candidate who held political office. amazing -- >> that's the original sin. even fee resign, she's getting a chunk of the votes. it's really do do do you think throw them out? it's than way in the democratic party. >> these republicans are no good. >> the republican party created this. they spent decades telling their base that it is terrible, it isn't going to work. >> obama beats them. on a lot of big stuff. >> there is that personal edge and personal anatagonism that president obama, not just because of race, but because he is a northern big city, ivy league lawyer.
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>> it's more than the republicans now. when you see numbers, where respect for congress is an institution in the country is at 9%? that's not just jim webb's folks down in southwest virginia. that's everybody in the country. people look at congress and lool -- see it can't do the basic functions. they look beholden only to their biggest donors, et cetera, et cetera. >> i want to suggest there is a difference between the two parties on this. republican party, throw the bums out. jeb bush getting 8% in new hampshire. come on. hillary clinton is probably the
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best bet to win across the board. when you ask people would you rather have somebody who's never worked, never done anything, would you like to have an insider, republicans say somebody from outside. you ask the democrats, it's 2/3 still for the pros. democrats are pro-government and they want smart people to run it. >> our poll today is almost exactly reverse in the two parties. republicans want somebody from completely outside of government. democrats want somebody with experience. >> the main point everybody agrees the government isn't working. that it's motive here. >> hillary is only beating trump by three points. who would have predicted that a few weeks ago? >> donald trump rises in the polls. question is on other candidates to take him on more aggressively on wednesday night's debate. rand paul, someone has to bring him down.
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i'm not going to sit quietly by and let the disaster that is donald trump become the nominee. carly fiorina had this to say this weekend. >> i think donald trump is an entertainer. and i think i am a leader, and so what i do is talk to the american people about the issues they care about. and i think they hear what i'm talking about. >> how do you compete? very sober, very stolid, but not exciting. we were talking before we went on tonight. why does everybody have to tell what you he is going to do or she is going to do? just do it. hillary is going to be joyous and pro-press. be pro-press. stop telling us. just do it. go ahead. your thoughts about what they are saying they are going to do to trump. >> they are trying to get eyeballs to watch it. it's this build up the energy, the excitement. it's going to be an event.
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i'm confident it's going to be an event. i'm looking forwarded to watching it myself. >> if you don't want this job, don't take it. you smack him in the face, use sarcasm or switch the topic to something important to you in policy or get down in the dirt with him and slap him around? >> i think she, and i think she's actually done it not too badly here which is just call it out, which she has done. and speaks for herself. by the way it does. it does. she is going to pivot wherever she decides to do. what will be surprising if anybody pivots to policy and issues. >> i don't think there was a single issue. >> there was a brief one between chris christie and rand paul on surveillance. it lasted 45 seconds. >> donald trump has been hitting fiorina hard lately on her business record. here he is switching from face
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to fiscal matters. >> hewlett-packard was a disaster. and lucent where she was before hewlett-packard was a disaster. these were two disastrous reins. she lost in a landslide to barbara boxer. to be honest with you, we are so politically correct we can't get out of our way. people make statements and the statement, i'm only 0 talking -- i'm only talking about her persona. her persona, she hasn't done a good job in you could call it the private sector. >> trump knocked fiorina for her looks and her voice. does he risk going too far with this? i don't know. nobody knows what too far is anymore. trump told "the new york times," "i'm not going to call her honey. look, she's only got 3% in the polls so in order to get
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recognition, i think she'll start hitting me, so i think she's fair game." this is high school recess. >> it's hard for her to punch up. you start a fight, you punch up because that elevates you. the thing with trump, he never ignores it. he punches back. no matter who it is, or how it is. that's the lesson he has taken. that's the way he is. >> what's so interesting to me is that everybody sells being defined in this debate, if they're mentioned at all, on the basis of what their strategy is in relation to donald trump. they're only relevant in this drama wednesday night to the extent that they place somehow into his story. what's carly fiorina going to do? talk about business? >> this is a quiz show. this is "21." who is going to beat charles van during -- duren?
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>> he was cheating, right? >> trump's numbers were supposed to peak at 20 and 25. in our poll he is 33%. >> nobody cares what your strategy is, visa vie donald trump. >> you've got to remember though what's underneath this, we've got to step back, but it is entertaining. >> we're going to break. >> what are their policies? >> let me do this right now. i'll start with howard. give me a reasonables a mags by you and your peers of what the trump peak will be? >> the republican party is in trouble here. >> let me start with howard because he's my friend in a long-standing. give me a reasonable understanding of where trump can get. 50, 40? is he at his peak?
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how high can he go? we said he can't go higher than he is. >> i and my esteemed peers have been wrong about everything. we underestimated him all the way along. i don't know what the ceiling is around him if everybody else around him is either too weak or unimaginative to take him on. >> want to bet? >> look, i have no idea what the peak is. >> give me 40. can he get that high? >> i think 45. >> if he says 45, i say 46. >> there you go. >> hoping for zero. >> well -- >> how high can you go? >> i think you add up where all of the complete anti-establishment -- >> well said. if it goes to the finals, he gets the carson vote, the fiorina vote. thanks. stay with us as we await donald trump in his big rally in texas. about 20,000 people expected. apparently a lot of women are buying the message which is tough on people's faces, but i guess they like something about him. we'll be following it there.
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plus, more on the other big political news today. including those developments on hillary clinton's e-mail and bernie sanders going where few progressives have gone. the jerry falwell land. this is "hardball" the place for politics.
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guess what, arnold schwarzenegger is the new host of celebrity apprentice. the actor and former governor replaces donald trump. ho he is replaceable. trump offered his congratulations on a twitter and tweeted, to all my fans, sorry i couldn't do "the apprentice" any longer, but equal time, presidential run, prohibits me from doing so. love. we'll be right back as we await donald trump to address a crowd up to 20,000 in big d. big night for trump. why pause to take a pill? and why stop what you're doing to find a bathroom?
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we continue to await donald trump's event in dallas. we are back with eugene robinson, stephanie sherock from emily's list and howard fineman. i want to ask about the situation with hillary clinton. she's been backed up now -- she always said, even if i kept all my e-mails in the government system, i would still have been able to delineate which ones were public and private. the department of justice has now said you're right. you had a perfect right to take the 30,000 out and put them away somewhere in your personal belongings. this weekend another, not that this will ever end, comes out that they weren't destroyed that 30,000 which creates another tease for everybody. what's in the 30,000? what do you think? it won't go away. >> the republicans don't want it to go away. >> and the news. what was she hiding or instinct? >> i think what we've seen and
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what i learned about hillary clinton she gets up 5:00 in the morning and likes good television shows and does a lot of interaction with friends. that's what we are seeing. it's been this constant rollout. i think truthfully what we are seeing in some of the numbers and hearing on the ground, people are done with it. >> you think so? how do you look at the numbers where she hasn't been going down? >> i think there hasn't been enough conversation. i think we'll see a shift. the campaign's ready. they're ready to go. and they're in a good place. >> here's the problem. she can't stop it on her own. some outside force has to stop it what would stop the press' interest and enthusiasm. "the new york times" has been all over it. >> attention deficit disorder will eventually cool it to a
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dull roar. if it keeps going on at a low level -- >> what if brian pagliani, who was in charge of the server, gets immunity and talks about what he didn't want to talk about when he took the fifth? >> we'll see what he has to say. if he has something explosive to say, the story goes up again. if all he says was, i went over there and put in a server. that's that. i checked it every once in a while. nothing secret. >> what happens is somebody, you have this special committee and "new york times," they get a string of something. they follow that string. they get from whitewater which was nothing to paula jones which was something, certainly, a civil matter. then it gets from there to monica. what they do, they find themselves in situations where it's troopergate or travelgate or whatever the hell and it
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looks like crap to begin. with their enemies follow it. they trawl till they get something. >> the mood of voters paying attention, the ones likely to show up in primaries who are engaged and interested are fed up with the practices. democrats like government but want somebody who can be expectative and honest and straight talking. the problem hillary's got, whatever the minute details are of the e-mails may be, the whole story plays into the notion this is how insiders play ball. they don't come straight forward on everything. they don't give an easy, simple, understandable explanation right away. it has to be dragged out of them piece by piece. it fits into narrative not only of past behavior of the clintons but politics in general. the last thing you want to be this year is a symbol of politics. that's the problem she has. she's got to change the narrative some way. i don't know how she does it. >> do you think the middle rolls that way or it will be about
11:24 pm
left/right? >> i think policy matters. >> would somebody let a hawk become president? who's like me? let a hawk become president because you're upset about hillary's e-mail. it seems disproportionate. >> well, think about the supreme court. that's a huge issue. to your point about pulling the thread, the committee, it starts with benghazi. there's nothing there. there's nothing there. if they start pulling the thread, if they get to, say, the emails that were deleted but maybe recoverable, does anybody recover them? >> can they subpoena them? >> they can try. >> it's nothing more than an accusation based on nothing.
11:25 pm
>> that is the political activity that folks are so exhausted with. >> are they? >> i believe they are. i believe as this gets closer to where people are going to start voting, to start caucusing, they are going to want to focus on what these candidates are bringing to the argument. >> there is no relationship between the decline and hillary's numbers and horse race and trustworthiness and this whole story? >> i think this is the only story that's gotten significant coverage about hillary clinton for the last three months, despite the fact she has rolled out some incredible policies. that is going to change as caucus-goers and voters are going to make decisions. this is where she will do incredibly well. >> you may be right. we watched every state of the union of bill clinton that they
11:26 pm
thought was too long and they loved it. you can next beat the press, george stephanopolous tried to wheel them over to the executive office, didn't work. thanks for staying with us as we await donald trump who is about to take the stage at american airlines center in dallas in front of a crowd close to 20,000.
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welcome back to "hardball." getting close to donald trump getting ready to take the stage. thousands of people in dallas. trump was criticized for comments in "rolling stone" where he seemed to attack the looks of carly fiorina's face. fee resign's out with -- fiorina's out with a response to trump's attack.
11:30 pm
they called this the best of the 2016 campaign ads so far. let's watch and judge for you. >> look at this face. and look at all of your faces. the face of leadership. the face of leadership in our party, the party of women's suffrage. this is the face of a 61-year-old woman. i am proud of every year and every wrinkle. >> wow. we are back with eugene robinson and stephanie and howard. emily's list will now speak. i think that is a really good ad. >> it is a good ad. it's good to see some republican women, a republican woman running which is good. they do not have enough women running. the problem it doesn't matter she is a woman. it matters what she stands for. does she stand for women and families? that's where we fall apart with carly fiorina.
11:31 pm
it's good to see women on the stage. i'm pleased to see it. >> how is it going for women candidates? a lot out there now? >> there's more democrats than republicans. republican women really do, to be honest, struggle getting through the primaries is the truth. you have to move -- we are watching right now. you have to move so far right. >> how did women get suffrage? who voted on the issue of suffrage? >> the men in congress. >> thank you. >> but they all had mothers. >> they were good guys. they voted for women to vote. just want to get a little something out of you there. we continue to wait for donald trump. bernie sanders entered enemy territory today speaking before a group at a conservative liberty university, jerry falwell's campus.
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hello. breaking news in mississippi. the man suspected of killing a college professor at delta state university is confirmed by police to have died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. he also of sought in the death of a 41-year-old woman whose body was found 340 miles away. he told police he was "not going to jail." 23,000 people have been displaced in california, the result of two fast-moving wildfires there. now, back to "lardball." i came here today because i believe from the bottom of my heart that it is vitally
11:36 pm
important for those of us who hold different views to be able to engage in a civil discourse. >> welcome back to "hardball." that was bernie sanders, senator from vermont, socialist, self-described, speaking to a christian conservative audience in virginia. the school was founded by jerry falwell. we continue to wait for donald trump to get on the stage in dallas. for bernie sanders, a self-described socialist, liberty university was an unlikely venue. one republican state senator said it's like pat robertson going to a nudist colony. said it's like pat robertson going to a nudist colony. despite facing a skeptical audience, they used the opportunity to find common ground on his hallmark issue, income inequality. >> i want all of you if you
11:37 pm
would, put this in the context of the bible, not me, in the context of the bible. we are living at a time where a handful of people have wealth beyond comprehension. when we talk about morality and when we talk about justice, we have to, in my view, understand that there is no justice when so few have so much and so many have so little. >> that is one potent message. when we talk about justice, we have to, in my view, understand that there is no justice when so few have so much and so many have so little. >> that is one potent message. here we have donald trump with a different message. a multibillionaire personifying everything bernie sanders holds with contempt. let's watch this difference coming up now. he is making his way up slowly. david, this may be an opportunity to have actual discussion with people with
11:38 pm
exponential wealth. they don't work that much harder than anyone else. >> what bernie said was great. he put in the context of religious principles, trying to connect with that crowd and have a wide debate. he is a message candidate. it's resonating with the democratic left. donald trump is talking dge fund guys making too much and billionaires like him -- >> equity people. >> and they are buying politicians. he has some of that anti-billionaire populism himself. >> here he is. >> wow! amazing. amazing, thank you. wow! so exciting. do you notice what's missing tonight? teleprompters. no teleprompters.
11:39 pm
we don't want teleprompters. that would be so much easier. we read a speech for 45 minutes, everybody falls asleep listening to the same old stuff, the same old lies. so much easier. so you know, i have a little debate coming up on wednesday, and i hear my -- let's call them opponents. can we call them opponents? we're allowed to do that, right? new york was very nice to you people last night, you know that, right? did they hand you that game? they handed it. i said i am going to have the friendliest audience -- sit down -- i am going to have the friendliest audience.
11:40 pm
i wasn't sure was i happy or was i sad? but jerry jones is a great guy and he deserves everything he gets, frankly. and you know, another great guy is mark cuban. he's been talking a little bit about maybe some day doing this himself. i think he will do very well. we may not have the exact same feelings where we are going, but that's okay. mark called me literally a few days ago and said, you know, if you want to use the arena, which is a beautiful arena. this is a great arena. and dirk, i love him. he's one of my favorite players. one of my favorite. and the mavericks have been fantastic. it's just a great team. he said if you want to use the arena. i said mark, when? how about monday night?
11:41 pm
that was like in four days. and you had a big holiday in between. he said, i think they really like new dallas. they really like new texas. maybe you can get a lot of people. because we were coming here and we thought maybe we would get 1,000. we never get 1,000. it's the same thing. we went to alabama. we started off with a 500-person ballroom. after about two minutes, look at all these guys, paparazzi. look at this. we got everybody here. we started off, by the way, with a 500 person ballroom. after about two minutes, the hotel called up begging for mercy. we can't do it. they were inundated. we went to the convention center. that was 10,000. that was wiped out in about an hour. we went to a stadium. we had 31,000 people which is the largest, they say like ever
11:42 pm
for an early primary. it's probably true. when i see these seats full, can you people see me up there? i don't know. man. i said to them, don't fill up the upper rings, it's not fair. you are great. thank you all. i appreciate it. so i want to thank mark and i want to thank -- where is pastor jeffers. where is he? come here. i love this guy. come here. i shouldn't say this, i should not say this, pastor, because i need all the help i can get. i will say i'm leaning with the
11:43 pm
evangelicals big league and i really want to thank you. he said he may not be perfect, but he's going to make this country great. he's a leader. that's what we need. i want to thank you, pastor. i really appreciate it. he's been so great. i am proud that i'm presbyterian in case anybody wants to know. so the polls come out and we're really killing it. we are killing it. they mentioned a little while ago, scotty, about the silent majority, it's back. it's not silent. i think we should call it, maybe we should call it the noisy, the
11:44 pm
aggressive, the wanting to win, wanting to win majority. that's what it is. we want to win. we're tired of being pushed around by incompetent people. we are just tired of what's happening. we are sick and tired of what's happening, and it's going to change. it's going to change. but before i get to that because that's unpleasant, but it's going to be pleasant because i finished this speech last week. we are going to have so many victories that at some point they are going to be coming out of your ears. i have to be careful what i say about coming out of somebody's ears. have to be careful. nose, ears, eyes, those are the only places i'm talking about. the only.
11:45 pm
but we're going to have so many victories and they're going to be great victories. and we're going to have them all the time because we have an amazing country. we have a country that is dying, they just want to have victory. we don't have wins any more. we don't have it. so the debate. i hear they're all going after me. whatever. whatever. no, i hear it. everybody, you know all these geniuses, the talking heads, some are great. actually some have come around. you know at the beginning, three, four months ago, well, he's just doing this for fun. he's doing this for his brand. i need this like for my brand, okay? but he's doing it for his brand. one person, a real loser said, he's a clown. he's a clown. now they're saying, oh, how do
11:46 pm
we stop this guy? no more clown. i haven't heard the word clown in a while. tell you, they don't use that word. they don't use it. there's a group of pundits out there, i don't think they're smart. i think they pretend they're smart. they wear the heavy glasses and they look and they look and they look, i'm not talking about perry who happens to be a nice guy. really. he is a nice guy. but he came after me hard, didn't he? man. you know, i had dinner with him a couple of years ago, i thought he was terrific, then he came after me very hard. i gave him a really good -- it's easy when somebody drops out of a race. i'm going to say good about everybody, everybody. i like that man and frankly, he tried, but i'm talking about the guys that sit around the tables and they talk about us. they talk about me. and they say, well, but most of them are now saying, we think
11:47 pm
he's going to win. can you believe it? now, we still have a few out there, the hatred is so incredible, it's so incredible, absolute hatred. i watch some of these guys. like this guy, should i mention names? okay. i will. the problem is when i mention them, they can never, ever support me. that's the problem. and you know, look at all those live television feeds. it's always tough. every time i speak they put me on live television so i have to make different speeches. these guys go around and make the same speech, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of time. nobody cares. it's true. it's true. it's true.
11:48 pm
you know, you've got cnn live, you've got them all. who needs -- no, they're 50% good. 50%. they've been pretty nice. but you know who really, when you think about it, who has to do this? so i come out today. look at all those cameras back there. take a look, everybody. if you like the media, give them a big hand. if you don't, give them a big boo. i had a feeling. you know, the truth is, there's some really great people, i'm dealing usually in the world of financial. that's easier, it's like numbers. you're either good, not good, it's much easier. but i found the press to be much more honorable in the financials, the financial media.
11:49 pm
but the political media, and i found some great ones. there are some great ones. but should i mention some? i'm not going to do that because you leave some out. okay. so george will is a disaster. the guy is a disaster. honestly, another one, karl rove. no, he's terrible. terrible. he's terrible. he still thinks that mitt romney won. he's still going around saying, i think he won. this guy raised, think of this he ought to be in wall street. he raises money pretty well. he raised last cycle, the last presidential election, he raised $434 million and didn't win one race. can you believe that? can you believe it? i understand it because i saw some of the commercials he made. i saw a commercial he made against barack obama, and i
11:50 pm
called up and i said, who did that commercial? it's one of the best commercials i've ever seen. i've got to use that firm. they are phenomenal. it was so good for obama.
11:51 pm
guys and they're like boilers, real estate. boilers. bill o'reilly said the other night -- and bill is a good great. great guy. great guy. although he's tough and he's tough with me. that i can tell you. people say, how can you say he's a great guy? but he's fair. i saw karl rove on the show the other night and the name trump came up. it was like a boiler ready to explode. i think the guy is a total incompetent jerk, but him and -- and there are others. but i would say this. anybody that gives him, karl rove and others, the group of losers, anybody that gives them money, you're losers yourself.
11:52 pm
doesn't make sense, because they don't know what they're doing. so the polls come out, and everybody is surging but trump. they don't want to say i'm surging. i went up to 40% today in new hampshire. you saw that. 40%! [ cheers and applause ] >> second -- second is, i think, 11% or 12%, right? and i won't mention names because he's actually a nice guy. i'll mention names. why shouldn't i? should i? right? it's ben carson. he is a nice man. i think he's in second place at 11% or 12%. i'm at 40% and it's actually 41% but they don't want to say that. they don't want to give me the benefit of a couple of -- if i'm 40.9% they'll say i'm at 40%. do you understand that? so ben carson, good guy, i think
11:53 pm
he's 11% or 12%. and they're saying -- here is the headline. carson is surging! i said, what about me? where is my name? i'm at 40%. where is my name? it's unbelievable. do you know where my name is? they don't know where my name is either. by the way, can you see in the back? they have the best view. can you see, it's really my hair? [ cheers and applause ] >> well, that's the other thing. i mean, i get killed on that. i had an article recently -- it's true. they have the best view. they know. not that bad, right? i mean, i've seen worse. i have friends, it's over. i have many friends, the hair is over. but i had the article the other -- the other day. a great article. they said trump is a financial genius, right?
11:54 pm
they said all good things. they said he's doing great, doing great here and -- but they said he wears the worst hairpiece ever. the writer said this. wears the worst hairpiece. and i said that's terrible. if i can't show the article to anybody, even though it was a good article. but in the polls it's been so amazing. we started off, and everybody said -- you remember this -- i won't run. i won't run. and i said, why do they say that? i'm telling you i'm going to run. nbc came over. and as you know -- i like nbc. for years we had "the apprentice." it was a tremendous success. one of the great successes on television. and the head of comcast, his first name is steve and he is a phenomenal guy. steve burke. one of the great people. a great guy and a great manager. he came over with a group of people from nbc. steve is one of the -- he is the head of comcast. and they said, we're going to
11:55 pm
renew "the apprentice." and by the way, it's a lot of money. did you see in my certified financial statement what i made with "the apprentice"? when i gave that up, i made $213 million. can you believe it? from a television show. and i had -- i had these announcers say, oh, no. i think he only made a million dollars. guys like joe scarborough, who is a good guy, right? yeah. he said, no, no. he's got a prime-time show for years. it's got to be -- when they checked it, 200. so nbc renews "the apprentice." and i told them don't do it because i'm running for president. i'm going to make our country great again. don't renew it. now, you know if i make $213 million over a, you know, run of 12 years or whatever, that's a lot of money.
11:56 pm
even for me, it's a lot. that's a lot of money. that's pretty good, right? considering it's not my main business. but i made this money, and the people come up, and they say, oh, well. we're going to renew it anyway because he's not going to run. so nbc renewed "the apprentice." they announced it. they said donald trump will do another season, and i told them not to do it. then i told them that i'm not doing it again. and they went in the up-front arena, and they were so angry at me. they were so angry. but you know what, i give up a lot when i -- when i do this, i give up a lot. i miss all of these deals. i love my business. i love what i'm doing. andy can tell you that. tom benenson can tell you that. i love club corporation of america, by the way, in case you have never heard of tom benenson. but i lose a lot. not only i don't do "the apprentice" and get paid a fortune. it's also i lose opportunity, all these deals.
11:57 pm
i have a deal in china. i have deals all over the place that i could do. boo, boo. but it's true. it's like picking up a check. it's like picking up a check. but i give up a lot. when a politician, all talk no action, politician runs, what do they give up? they give up nothing. they run. you know what, they run, they lose, they win, they don't care, all they want to do is be re-elected or run again if they fail, right? with me it's -- it's a whole big deal. it's a whole big deal. and you know, i'm self-funding my campaign. i'm not taking all of this blood money. not doing it. [ cheers and applause ] >> i'm not doing it. and i feel a little bit awkward and a little stupid. i have guys offering me millions and millions of dollars.
11:58 pm
you know, when you're in number one place, then the blood-suckers come out. the lobbyists, the special interests, the donors. don, we love you. guys i haven't heard from in ten years. don, we love you. 40% in new hampshire, winning iowa. we're killing in iowa. incredible people. new hampshire, incredible people. south carolina, incredible people. incredible numbers there too. we're winning in florida! think of it. jeb bush, governor of florida. you have a sitting senator in florida, marco rubio, and the poll comes out the other day. trump is leading in florida! [ cheers and applause ] >> can you imagine? big lead. how about this? have you ever heard of the great state of texas? [ cheers and applause ] leading in texas. how does that happen?
11:59 pm
so -- so it's been an amazing period of time. i have never experienced anything like it, and i have been well known for a long period of time. that's why i got chosen for "the apprentice" in the first place. in fact, i don't know if you just heard. they called me up today, nbc. couldn't be nicer. they finally calmed down. i settled my lawsuit with them. did you hear? did you hear? yes. she heard. i settled my lawsuit with them last week. a lot of litigation. settled it. they couldn't have been nicer. and they called me today and wanted everything, you know -- they want me on their side, and i am on their side because i really like the guys at nbc. and they have announced or will soon announce, you know who will take the place of trump? arnold! arnold. arnold schwarzenegger. he'll do great and we'll raise a lot of money for charity.
12:00 am
i'm still in it because i have a big chunk of it. a lot of people don't know that. i think arnold will do great. so they just announced today that he'll be doing "the apprentice." i wish arnold well. we have so many problems in this country. we'll talk about a few of them. and we'll celebrate because ultimately we're going to have victory. we're going to have victory. this is a movement that's happening. i had a lawyer come up to see me a little while ago. he said, mr. trump, i have been doing this for 35 years. i've never seen what's happened here. i got a call from the writer from "the new york times." i have great respect for "the new york times." called up -- i know. i hear that. it's okay. it's a good story, not a bad story. and he said, could i can ask you a question. i said, what? very powerful writer, actually. he said, how does it feel? i said how does what feel? he said, what


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